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•   Robert 440 65th St N (Gerdes)  12/6
•   124 61st St N (Merrellyn Lee)  11/29
•   333 66th St N (Johnathan Armstrong)  11/29
•   Jami 6156 2nd Ave N (Jami Deise)  11/28
•   6032 Dartmouth Ave (Coots)  11/23
•   6033 Dartmouth Ave (Hoell)  8/14
•   212 Palm Lane (Bombard)  8/8
•   6021 Burlington Ave (Buch)  6/17
•   6221 4th Ave N (Gullick, Patterson)  5/24
•   6220 4th Ave N (Rose Wainwright)  5/7
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WELCOME to the Lake Pasadena Estates Neighborhood Association website. It has been created, at no cost to you, to facilitate communication among our members: a central place for (1) posting announcements, (2) sending emails to all (or selected) members, and (3) sharing photos, good-neighbor stories, concerns, and messages to one another, either openly or privately. Membership to the website is based on addresses in the neighborhood (diligently and laboriously gleaned from the Pinellas County Tax Appraiser's website), with the current owner or resident (if known) in parentheses. You can find all these addresses under the Neighbor Profiles link on the left-hand side of the screen. We set up the membership this way because residents will come and go, but addresses will not likely change. Each address can be listed only once, however, so be creative in listing all of your household residents within your address profile. Click on your address on the Profiles page and complete the profile as best you can, using the fields as I have described under the profile for Carol Gruszka. We're glad to have you, and we will be in touch soon. If neighbors want to join, too, please provide their house & street address, name, and email address and they will be sent an email invitation.